Clay Pigeon Shooting Lessons & Game Shooting Tuition

Clay Pigeon Shooting Lessons

No two shooters are the same. As a result, Prestige Shots instructors tailor their teaching style and techniques to suit each client individually.

We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach.

Whether it be clay pigeon shooting lessons or game shooting tuition. Our job is to find the method which suits you best because there are various ways to shoot successfully and consistently,

We get to know our clients and work with them to improve their shooting and bring them up to the level they want to achieve be that on clays or game.

All our clay pigeon shooting lessons are delivered by qualified professional shooting instructors.

Teaching novice to shoot
Prestige Shots instructor
Passing shotgun during lesson

Novice Clay Pigeon Shooting Lessons & Game Shooting introductions

Individual Clay Pigeon Shooting Lessons & Game Shooting Tuition

CPSA Registered & Competiton Level Clay Pigeon shooting Lessons

If you’ve shot before and decided you want to learn more, an individual shooting lesson is the best way to progress. Beginners shooting lessons cover safe gun handling, eye dominance checks, basic gun fit and an introduction to correct gun mount. During a beginner lesson, your instructor will work to get you hitting targets using a basic ‘pull away’ method. By the end of your first lesson, you will be familiar with the operation of a shotgun. This will include correct loading, unloading and trigger safety.

Are you looking to progress from a beginner to being an able shooter? Attending regular shoots and practising but feel like you aren’t improving? Having issues with that certain target? It’s time for a lesson. You may be shooting a number of game days in the season or regular monthly clay shoots. Either way, we all want to shoot to the best of our ability. Sometimes there is a key component to your shooting style which is holding you back. Our qualified shooting instructors will recognise what needs work and fix it. We will tailor the sessions to get your shooting moving in the right direction. Our main goal is for you to reach your full potential and enjoy the sport.

If you shoot CPSA registered shoots and enter competitions regularly you understand that 1-2% can make the difference between winning in class or even overall. When teaching sessions for advanced competition shooters we also address the mental side of the sport, which is critical when trying to achieve the top scores. Using training drills and practice exercises we can improve your shooting consistency. By breaking your shooting down into parts we can work on each element. Pre-shot routine, gun & target speed relationship, target transition, timing and cadence, footwork & posture and mental conditioning to name but a few factors.

All Aspects Covered

Eco Friendly

We actively promote the use of fibre wad cartridges when we are clay shooting and especially on game days


All our instructors are CPSA qualified as a minimum requirement. Our Infield team are qualified Lantra loaders


Our team will travel to provide tuition both infield & at a clay ground of your choice. Our local grounds are Hertfordshire & London.

On Target

On target coaching methods to ensure you reach your goals. The Prestige Shots tuition programme utilises modern and traditional shooting techniques to ensure consistent results.


Prestige Shots will not be beaten on value for money. We pride ourselves on a fair price for a quality service.

Accredited & Affiliated

Prestige Shots is accredited and affiliated with the CPSA. We have a close working relationship with our chosen approved gunsmith Carl Russell & Co whom we use for all our gun fit alterations

Let’s Get Started

The first step to improving your shooting starts with tuition.