Gun Fitting

Gun Fitting

Is gun-fit important? The answer, YES, however this does depend on what level the shooter is at. We explain how gun fitting could benefit you whenever we meet a new client.

The relationship between the master eye and the barrels, consideration of build, consistency of gun mount. All these factors come in to play when addressing gun-fit. A well-fitting shotgun makes shooting easier and more consistent for all shooters, however, a gun-fit is only as good as your mount.

If you don’t have a consistent mount you will not fully benefit from having your gun fitted. However certain gun-fit adjustments are required irrespective of the mount, these being the length of pull and comb height.

Assess Current Gun Fit

The first step in any gun fitting is seeing how you currently mount and shoot your gun. This is very important as combined with your perception of where your point of aim should be, it allows us to determine how best to fit the gun to you.

This check is carried out by inspecting your current guns fit, your mount and also how you shoot targets with the gun.

Adjust Try Gun to Suit & Test

The second stage in our gun fitting process is to set the try gun up to mimic your existing gun however, with the adjustments we feel it requires to fit you correctly.

At Prestige Shots we do not feel a lot can be gained through shooting at a pattern plate, therefore carry out all our fitting tests on moving clays. There is no better indication of a true gun fit than to see a natural shot on target.

During the fit testing process, we often make finite adjustments to the try gun to ensure the fit is as comfortable and precise as it can be.

Confirm Fit and Record Measurements for Alterations

The final step in our gun fitting process is to make a final inspection of the gun fit. Following this we measure all aspects of the try gun stock to populate a fitting sheet. This can then be used to make the necessary alterations to your current gun, or be used to craft a new stock.

Start to finish a gun fit takes around 1 hour. We are then happy to take your gun to have the alterations carried out by our trusted gunsmith.

All Aspects Covered

Eco Friendly

We actively promote the use of fibre wad cartridges when we are clay shooting and especially on game days


All our instructors are CPSA qualified as a minimum requirement. Our Infield team are qualified Lantra loaders


Our team will travel to provide tuition both infield & at a clay ground of your choice. Our local grounds are Hertfordshire & London.

On Target

On target coaching methods to ensure you reach your goals. The Prestige Shots tuition programme utilises modern and traditional shooting techniques to ensure consistent results.


Prestige Shots will not be beaten on value for money. We pride ourselves on a fair price for a quality service.

Accredited & Affiliated

Prestige Shots is accredited and affiliated with the CPSA. We have a close working relationship with our chosen approved gunsmith Carl Russell & Co whom we use for all our gun fit alterations

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